Sports Mama Tip: The Gifts Coaches Really Want!

We've all been there before. The season is beginning to wind down and it's time to start thinking of coaches gifts. If you're like me and are struggling to come up with (new) ideas, you won't want to miss this post!

I recently reached out to a bunch of coaches, and asked them what their favorite gift they ever received was. You might be surprised at the answers... spoiler alert, gift cards didn't make the cut. In fact one coach said, "wife takes cash/gift cards anyway!". Ha!

So what do they really want? Here were the top three responses (in no particular order):

A team photo signed by their players.

A ball signed by their players.

Handwritten thank you cards from their players and players' parents.

As you can see they all had a common theme, hand written memorabilia from their young athletes.

So the moral of this blog post, Sports Mamas? Sometimes (what we may think of as) less is more...especially when it comes to coaches gifts!

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