Questions : Ab Initio

Q. Who do you want to be?

Not just the profession, vocation or any hobby.
This means finding out your stand, your Swadharma(स्वधर्म)! Swadharma loosely translates to swa = own +  dharma = duty.
The idea is similar to what Ikigai(生き甲斐) in Japan means; "a reason for being." At the risk of repeating myself, this is not your job title or whatever you write on your visiting card. I am asking about the reason/cause which makes you live for it. A person with a clear cut स्वधर्म  displayed through his/her conversations, tasks & initiatives is the person who invariably remains perpetually happy.

Q. What is God?

I don't need to explain this question any further

Q. What are your views on Money?

The currency in your wallet, the card you swipe, the SIPs you invest in, etc. The idea is to gauge your love and understanding of money. You could see money as just an enabler but that is for you to decide. Think deep about the places you have kept or invested your money; check whether they are really working for you or you are working for them.

Q. How much Money do you want?

Notice that I didn't use 'need', I have specifically mentioned 'want' so that you can estimate your desires' price. I am not labelling your desires as good or bad.
Money & desires are beyond labels according to me. You could need money for eating, shelter & clothing. Your usage and applicability of money is not merely limited to the above needs. You could have an ambition of becoming an entrepreneur, travelling the world, writing a book(without a job), taking a sabbatical from work, etc.
All these things needless to say, require money.

Q. Do you see yourself accumulating that much wealth? 

Well, now that you have understood the price tag of your aspirations, you need to see if your direction in life is in line with your dreams. Find out how much time it would take to reach there. The piggybank for your dreams is finite and the coins you put inside are of small value but given enough time, it fills. So, see for yourself when the driving force of your life is going to get wheels?

Have you found your Swadharma(स्वधर्म)? Do you see yourself achieving all that you want from life? Do you have enough resources or for that matter money to do that?

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