Team Mama Idea: DIY Personalized Football Signs

No. 1 and his teammates made the PLAYOFFS!!! It's the first time the school has been in the post-season since 2015, so it's kind of a big deal. And the game is HOME! So you know me and my fellow football mama BFFs just had to do something special.

We decorated the fence closest to the field with footballs and balloons. Every player on the team, all 47 of them, had a football with their name and number on it.

Look how nice they turned out!

Did we buy them you ask? Nope, we made them! Want to learn how to make them yourself? Then just keep on reading!

Begin by designing your template. We used PowerPoint but you can use whatever software you prefer. You could even draw them out by hand, if you'd like.

Then add the players' names, numbers, and team name. Be sure to double triple check for any typos before printing!

After printing, cut them out.

Then it's time to work on the foam board. Take one of your footballs and trace as needed; if you have 20 footballs, you will need to trace it 20 times, etc.

When you are done tracing, it's time to cut again. We used X-ACTO Knives for this part.

Once they are all cut out, you can begin gluing the footballs on.

The final step (if you plan on hanging them) is to make a hole at the top. Depending on how thick your foam board is, you may be able to get away with using a hole puncher. Ours was too thick, so we had to improvise...

Yep, my girl broke out the power tools! Ha. A Sports Mama's gotta do what a Sports Mama's gotta do! Am I right?!?

That's it! Grab a few of your favorite friends and I promise, you can knock it out in no time.

Go get 'em, boys!!!

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