The AlphaMind Podcast: Greg Gossett - 24 Years as a Retail Trader: Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started!

In this episode of the AlphaMind podcast we interview veteran retail trader Greg Gossett.

Greg is well into his third decade of retail trading, proving that it can be done, and can be done well.

Greg shares with Steven and Mark his thoughts on the 3 key things he wished he had known when he started trading that he knows now. These 3 aspects are cornerstones to his trading method and are powerful insights in trading which carry important lessons for traders of all levels.

The latter part of this episode looked at the ‘Performance’ aspects of trading and expanded out more fully into a discussion on performance, human biology, neuroscience, and trading.

Greg provides a daily mentor and trading podcast which is available to all free on Youtube. Greg talks about his work mentoring traders on his Gossett Trading & Mentoring and how it helps him in his own trading.

Gossett Mentoring & Trading can be found on YouTube at:

Greg's twitter handle is: @gossetttrading

This was a great and highly inspiring interview which includes some great discussions and valuable lessons on the mental aspects of trading.

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