Sports Mama Tip: 12 Homecoming Proposal Poster Ideas

It finally happened, Mamas. No. 1 asked a girl to be his date for this year's Homecoming dance! Talk about all the feels. And he didn't just walk up to her and ask... nope, that's so late 90s/early 2000s. He "proposed"!

He made a poster, bought flowers, and surprised her at her (8am!) lacrosse game.

Back to the poster. Because let's be honest, it's all about the poster. It reads "I think we would have a chil-lax time if we went to Hoco together". Get it? Lax, lacrosse? I searched the depths of Pinterest to find it. When I shared the photo to the Confessions of a Sports Mama Facebook Group, I had a request to write a blog post with proposal poster ideas. So here we are!

Here are 12 sports themed proposal poster ideas:

  • Want to tackle Homecoming with me?
  • You intercepted my heart. Let's tackle Hoco together.

  • Want to take a shot at Homecoming?
  • I'd rather not pass on a shot to score you. Hoco?

  • I'm stepping up to the plate, can I be your Homecoming date?
  • It would a home run if you went to Hoco with me.


  • My goal is to kick it with you at Homecoming.
  • Homecoming would be a red card if you weren't my date.

  • I would cheer extra loud if I scored a date with you to Hoco.

Generic Sports
  • I finally got the balls to ask you to Homecoming.
  • Hoping to score a date with you to Hoco.
  • #5 (insert jersey number) on the field/court, but #1 in my heart. Homecoming?

I hope you found this post helpful! Or that you save it for when that time in your motherhood journey arrives. I'd love to hear/see your ideas! Please feel free to comment below or join myself and hundreds of other real Sports Mamas, just like yourself on Facebook.

Happy Homecoming season!