Adam Nash: The Podcast Interview - 3 Decades of Successful Trading

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Alpha is a term for the excess profits and returns generated for a certain level of risk in financial markets. An Alphamind is an optimal mindset that gives people an edge in the extremely challenging task of generating excess Alpha. By listening to the in-depth and engaging conversations we have with experts and professionals from across the field, you can learn how to start moving towards creating and improving your own Alphamind. 

Episode 8 The Adam Nash Interview.

Over nearly 3 decades in the financial markets, Adam has been there, seen it, done it, taken the punches, dodged the bullets, yet managed to remain humble and strong.

In that time Adam has achieved great success; Initially learning the basics as bank trader, then being mentored by outstanding traders in the futures pits, and finally flourishing as a screen trader when the futures pits closed. At one stage Adam was the 3rd largest trader by volume in the Euribor Futures contracts. 

In this lively interview Adam shares his views on the mental and psychological challenges needed to succeed in trading. He reveals the 3 things he knows now that he wished he had known at the start of his trading career. He discusses the mistakes he sees other traders make, and why so many of them fail to make it from 'boot camp', to 'base camp'. He explains the significance of recognising and understanding the market narrative, and the importance of timing. He explains why it is so vital to keep your ego in-check, and how the market will take you apart if you don't.

Adam has managed to trade through many different and altered market climates, and has faced up to the rise of the trading algoes. To stay at the top of your game for so long and to survive requires a great ability to adapt to changing conditions and new environments. Adam discusses the importance of being adaptable and willing to accept that conditions and markets change, and that you need to change with them to stay on top. 

There is so much richness and depth to this interview. Whether you are a new trader just at the start of your career, or a seasoned trader with a long career behind you, Adam's thoughts and perspectives will provide you with a wealth of insights and wisdom which will enrich you as a person and a trader. 

For me, personally, I have known Adam for over 30 years. We worked together briefly on a trading floor in the 1980s, and since then I have had coaching conversations with him and have coached those who have worked for him. The one thing that has always stood out for me was Adam's humility. He has remained humble and grounded throughout his career. He is the same person now that he was over 30 years ago when he worked in the middle office of a Japanese bank in London. Adam is someone who is 'confident in his own skin' but never arrogant or too sure of himself, a quality which I see in many great traders, and which comes through clearly in this interview. 

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