My interview with Beyond the Trades

Beyond the Trades publish interviews each week with traders and risk professionals.Their aim is to provide a series of resources for traders at all levels. The interviews are posted raw.

Last week I was interviewed as part of this series. You can read my interview here.

Beyond the Trades have published some outstanding interviews with experienced and novice traders. Its a great source of knowledge, insight and alterntive persepctive.

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Steven Goldstein is a leading Performance, Team and Executive Coach who focuses on Risk and Financial Markets people and businesses.

Core to his work is the belief that everyone has the potential, often latent or hidden within them, to surpass where they are now and to grow into what they want to be. His work as a coach helps people to rediscover that potential, to recognise it, to value it, and to leverage it to be better, happier, and more productive.

Prior to becoming a coach Steven worked for more than 20 years as a Rates and FX trader at some of the world’s leading investment banks. See Steven's Full Profile.

If you are curious about how Steven could help you or your business, please email him at or call +44 (0)7753 446097. To know more about the work of AlphaRCubed and their broader performance and growth development services, please view their brochure at this link. .

About AlphaMind

AlphaMind takes a look at the human, mindset and behavioural challenges of trading and investing. It is a collaboration between market veterans Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall which seeks to help people develop and cultivate optimum mindsets (An Alpha Mindset) for trading and investing success. 

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