AlphaMind Podcast Ep.2 : Mental 'Edge' in Trading with Mark Randall and Steven Goldstein

The 2nd Episode of the AlphaMind Podcast is now available 

In this episode we jointly explore the subject of 'Mental Edge'.

This conversation covers a broad swathe of themes around the subject of 'Mental Edge' in trading, including:

  • - Risk Intelligence and how thinking about 'edge' in terms of positive expectancy.
  • - Poker, trading and having an 'edge'.
  • - Walking away and getting 'closure', as an 'edge'.
  • - Resetting and refreshing 'Self'. as an 'edge'.
  • - The 'Trading Turtles', and 'Psychological Edge'.
  • - Physical aspects of Performance: Sleep, Alcohol, Caffeine.
  • - How caffeine increases anxiety, and alcohol dulls performance, to create a negative edge.
  • - Time of day trading, decision-making and performance.
  • - Military and Mindfulness 'mindfitness' to enhance decision-making, focus and attention.
  • - 'Mindfitness' as a tool for developing laser-like focus and greater presence.
  • - Trading and the personal battle with 'self and ego'.
If you want to elevate your trading psychology, there is so much great wisdom shared in this conversation. We think you will really enjoy it.

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AlphaMind takes a look at the human, mindset and behavioural challenges of trading and investing. It is a collaboration between market veterans Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall which seeks to help people develop and cultivate optimum mindsets (An Alpha Mindset) for trading and investing success. 

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