Sports Mama Tip: How to Clean Baseball Pants

Ah, baseball season... homeruns, sunflower seeds, and dirty pants! (Who decided that white and gray baseball pants were a good idea anyway? I totally blame a dad!)

Do these look familiar, Mamas?


Want to go from that... to this?


If so, then keep on reading!

What you'll need:

  • Fels-Naptha (can be found at your local Walmart)

  • Oxi Clean

What you do:

  • Wet pants.

  • Scrub Fels-Naptha directly onto stains.

  • Scrub pants together.
  • Fill tub/sink with hot water and a half cup of Oxi Clean. Allow the pants to soak for an hour.

  • After an hour, throw the pants in the washer (warm wash/cold rinse) with a capful of Oxi Clean. Then machine dry.
  • Voila! So fresh and SO clean!

Seriously, how amazing is that transformation?

I hope you found this post helpful. Play Ball!!!

*** A huge thank you to Lorraine V. for making this post possible by sharing her tips (and pics!). For more tips and tricks and to connect with hundreds of other real Sports Mamas, just like yourself, join the Confessions of a Sports Mama Facebook Group today!