Sports Mama Tip: How to Take The Perfect Team Photo!

    Maybe your kid was sick on Picture Day. Maybe he or she closed their eyes. Maybe your Coach thought Picture Day was on Saturday instead of on Sunday. Or maybe your league doesn't even do team pictures to begin with. Things happen. And because they do, I am here writing this blog post!

    Here are my tried and tested tips to help you take the perfect team photo:

    • Plan ahead. Pick a date and time, and notify your team. I usually schedule ours for practice days, but pre-game can work as well. Just avoid scheduling it post-game... think sweaty faces, dirty uniforms, and possible frowns if they didn't win. It's also a good idea to have a couple of extra jerseys on hand in case someone forgets theirs.

    • Location, location, location. Location is everything! It will help to tell your team's story. If you're photographing a football team, take it outside on the field. For basketball teams, take it right on the court. You can even incorporate props such as a ball, helmet, a goal, or bleachers if photographing a high school team.

    • Uniformity. There's no I in team! Be sure that everyone is uniformed. And I'm not just talking jerseys. Will the team smile or not? What about hands? Whether you go with hands behind their backs or in their pockets, you'll want to make sure that they are all doing the same thing.

    • Strike a pose. Will they sit, stand, kneel? Whatever you decide you want to be sure that the entire team will fit in the shot. You also want to be able to see each individual player's face. If you're going for that traditional pose, you'll want to line the shorter players up in the front, and the taller ones in the back. Want a more modern pose? Check out Pinterest or your favorite pro team for some inspo!

    • Keep clickin'. Chances are that at least one player will have their eyes closed or be looking in the opposite direction. I suggest shooting in continuous mode and taking several photos, just in case. The more you take, the greater your chance of getting that perfect shot!

    • Have fun! I always like to finish the photo shoot with a "funny face" pic. And so do the players. These honestly always end up being my favorite!

    I hope you find these tips helpful! Don't forget to share your photo(s) with the entire team. Your fellow Sports Mamas will be grateful that you did!

    *** Click HERE for my youth sports photography basics!