15 Things Sports Moms Say- Part II

    Last year I wrote a fun post entitled 15 Things Sports Moms Say. I thought it was about time for a part two, SO I enlisted the help of the awesome Sports Mamas in our Facebook Group!

    Ready? Here we go!

    1. We need instant replay. These referees are missing everything! - Tania C.
    2. You're not getting in my car like that! - Kristy O.
    3. Work on your homework now, please. You won't have time when you get home from practice. - Kelly V.
    4. Quit chasing the butterflies!! - Erica H.
    5. I drove all the way here for this?! - Kristy O.
    6. OMG. Put your shoes back on! - Debra P.
    7. Which dad decided on white pants? - Laura L.
    8. Leave those cleats outside! - Alisa K.
    9. Did you hear me yelling? - Debbie J.
    10. Suck it up buttercup! - Amy R.
    11. Put your cleats on or we'll be late.- Kim M.
    12. Please don't get hurt, I don't have time to go to the ER today!- Trisha E.
    13. You may not be the biggest or fastest, but you can definitely play the smartest! - Erica S.
    14. Shake it off! - LaTarah C.

    Ain't no mama like a Sports Mama... am I right?!?

    What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below or join myself and hundreds of other real sports moms just like yourself online!