Sports Mama Tip: 5 Healthy Habits for a Better You!

We are chauffeurs. We are nurses. We are water girls. We are cheerleaders. We are uniform washers. We are photographers. And so much more.

We are Sports Mamas!

And as Sports Mamas, we tend to put our needs last. It's easy to see how and why this happens. To fall into that non-stop "go, go, go" routine. But guess what, Mama? Without you there is no youth athlete. You play just as big a role in their success, if not bigger, than their coaches do.

Here are FIVE healthy habits to help you not only be the best Sports Mama you can be, but to also help you be the best you that you can be.

  1. Eat healthier. The key word is healthier. I know first hand just how tough this can be as a Sports Mama. Especially when you're constantly running from work to practice and have no time in between to prepare dinner. Use your crockpot (click HERE for 2 weeks worth of dinner ideas!). Keep bagged lettuce and fresh veggies on hand for quick salads. And when you just can't avoid the drive-thru, try ordering grilled options instead of fried. Grab a bottle of water instead of a soda.
  2. Get moving. Get your heart rate up and your blood circulating. Even if only for twenty minutes a day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, stand more than you sit, walk or run the track at your child's practice. You will not only burn calories by doing so, but will also boost your mood and help improve your sleep quality.
  3. Take time out for you. It can be very hard to find me time as a busy Sports Mama. Trust me, I get it! But it is so important that we do a little something for ourselves that makes us happy. Read a book, take a hobby class, get a mani/pedi, have a dinner date with your bff. I recently joined a yoga studio and I absolutely love it! I get an hour all to myself, to stretch, breathe, and meditate. I leave out feeling calm, refreshed, and accomplished.
  4. Say no sometimes. Believe me mama, it will be ok. You don't have to be team mom every single season. You do not have to sign your athlete up for multiple, overlapping sports. You do not always have to be the team Uber driver. You are present. You are enough.
  5. Rest. Cliché, yes. But oh so important! Sleep boosts your immunity, helps to reduce stress, improves your memory, and may even help reduce the risk of some chronic conditions such as heart disease and depression.

I hope you not only find these tips helpful, but that you also put them into action.

Make time to take care of YOU, mama! And remember, your kids don't want a perfect mom, they want a happy, healthy one.