Sports Mama Tip: How to Coordinate Team Snacks

    It doesn't matter whether your kid plays football, basketball, or soccer. What is the one thing athletes of every sport like just almost as much as they like winning?!? Snacks, of course!

    Coordinating team snack for game days doesn't have to be a chore. Today I'm sharing my top five tips to help you check one more thing of your team mama to-do list!

    1. Figure out all logistics. How many players are on the team? How many games are there? Will you do snacks for both halftime and post-game? Will one volunteer bring the drinks and another bring the snacks? Are there any allergies to be aware of?
    2. ASK for volunteers. Do not assign. I've been coordinating team snacks for about a decade now, and this is by far my most important tip! You never know what people have going in their lives. Most sports families want to and will help. So let them choose the date that works best for them!
    3. Create a sign up. My favorite way to do this is via SignUpGenius. (If your team uses the paid version of TeamSnap, you can create one there as well.) There are tons of themes to choose from, it's easy, and best of all FREE! You simply input the game dates and the number of volunteers needed. Once you send it out to your team, they can sign up to bring snacks on the date of their choice. As volunteers sign up, you will be notified via email.
    4. Send reminders. Because life happens. Another reason I absolutely love SignUpGenius! You can choose how many days in advance you'd like them sent (i.e one day, two days), and tada, it'll send the reminders for you! I usually have them sent two days in advance to give people a chance to get to the store.
    5. Sign up yourself. I like to get my snack duty out of the way early, so I almost always sign up for the very first game of the season. Lead by example and the rest will follow!

      I hope you find these tips helpful! Be sure to join the Confessions of a Sports Mama Facebook Group for more tips and to connect with hundreds of Sports Mamas, just like yourself.

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