10 Signs You're Probably a Basketball Mom

    After football and soccer comes BASKETBALL! No. 1 will be playing for his high school team and both No. 2 and No. 3 will be playing rec ball through our local youth club. I can't wait! It was 33 degrees during yesterday's soccer game... 33 degrees. No, thank you!

    Here are TEN telltale signs that you're probably a basketball mama too...

    1. You never leave home without your stadium seat, that just so happens to be in your team colors. Ain't nobody got time for bleacher butt!
    2. 99.9% of your Instagram posts end with #ballislife.
    3. You have more water bottles lying around in your car than you do people in your family to actually drink from them. So that's where they all went!
    4. You know your way to all of the gyms within a 50 mile radius of your house. Who needs Waze? Get yourself a basketball mom instead!
    5. Summer tourneys are your family vacations. How else would you be able to squeeze in a four day trip to the beach without missing a single game or practice?!
    6. Your non-basketball mom friends look at you like you're crazy when you tell them you're charged an entry fee to watch your own child play!
    7. You can't wait for your baller's annual checkup with their pediatrician to find out just how much (fingers crossed!) they've grown. Is he 6'5 yet, doctor??
    8. Your charm bracelet collection has been taken over by those brightly colored, admission wristbands. Pink, purple, orange, green. Name it, you've got it!
    9. You know so much about sneakers that people think you work for Foot Locker; When they come out, how much they cost, what NBA players are wearing them.
    10. You also know that a good pair of slides are just as essential as their sneakers, even if they are only worn on the way to and from games!

    Good luck this season, Mamas!

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