Team Mama Idea: Motivational Bananas For Game Days!

Happy Sunday, Sports Mamas! I wanted to share this easy, quick, FUN idea with all of you for the next time you have #snackmomduty.

Bananas with personalized messages on them! Seriously, how cute are they?! All you need are bananas and a sharpie. You guessed it, didn't you? I waited until a couple of hours before the game to write on them. They were 100% easier to write on than the mandarins I drew on a while back to make into mini basketballs.

Healthy and cute!

I also washed and bagged 500 grapes. Yep, I counted. And apparently I'm not the only one who does. I posted the same photo in the Confessions of a Sports Mama Facebook Group and one mama commented, "Just counted out almost 800 grapes! And I thought I was the only crazy one that counted them before bagging so all the boys get the same amount!!". HA!

Go Spartans!!!

*** Sports Mama Tip: Taking oranges for halftime? Click HERE for the absolute easiest and best way to cut them!