Sports Mama Tip: 10 Ways to Keep Siblings Entertained on the Sidelines

"I'm bored!"

"Can we go home now?"

"How much longer until the game is over?"

If you're a mom of multiples, you know just how tough it can be to keep siblings entertained on the sidelines. The struggle is REAL, y'all!

Here are 10 ways to help them stay entertained so you can focus on the action:

  1. SNACKS! This may just be my best tip. Throw some of their favorites in your Sports Mama Bag, and they're guaranteed to stay quiet for a while... at least while they're chewing!
  2. Books. Bring along a few from their favorite series and let them plop down right next to you and read.
  3. Homework. It's has to be done, right? Have them bring their backpacks to the field or court and get to work. It'll be one less thing for you all to worry about when you get home!
  4. Electronics. A Sports Mamas gotta do what a Sports Mamas gotta do! Let them entertain themselves on a tablet or smart phone. You could even download a book or two for them on your Kindle.
  5. Other siblings. Get to know your fellow sports families. Let the kids play together. Some of their best friends (as well as yours!) will be made on the sidelines.
  6. Bring a ball (or the equivalent in your sport). For example, if you are at a football field, bring a football. At a basketball court, bring an extra basketball. You can usually always find a little pocket of extra space for them to use.
  7. Exercise. At a field? Let them walk/run laps around it. Kids are competitive. Tell them you'll time them and they're sure to want to do it!
  8. Game day arts and crafts. Let them help you make banners, decorate cowbells, make spirit finger gloves. Kids love to feel involved!
  9. Film. Does your team film games? Siblings can be great at this! Coach Hubby pays our boys $5 a game to film. A little bribery never hurt anybody. Am I right?! Just be sure to teach them the ins and outs (i.e. how to zoom, when to pause, etc.) first. I also recommend getting them a tripod.
  10. Run the TD Jar! Little siblings are THE best at running the touchdown jar. Seriously. Who can say no to their cute little faces?! (Not a football mama? No worries. You can easily alter it to fit your sport!).

I hope you found these tips helpful! Feel free to share your tips below or in our Facebook Group!