Sports Mama Review: Zipzicle Ice Pop Molds

Yep! I'm that mama who shows up to the field with treats for no real reason at all.

It's Thursday, I think I'll bake the team some brownies.

Didn't give up a single touchdown at yesterday's game? Let's celebrate with some donuts!

90+ degrees at practice? How about some ice pops!

I was recently given the opportunity to try Zipzicles. Zipzicles are DIY zip-top ice pop pouches that allow you to make your very own popsicles. Each pouch holds approximately 3 fluid ounces when filled to the recommended fill line. They are BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free.

Zipzicles can be filled with just about anything and everything you can imagine; fresh fruit purees, yogurt, even cocktails (umm, yes please!). I decided to fill them with some of our favorite sports drinks!

Filling the tubes was pretty easy. Once filled and sealed, it is recommended that you place the pops upright in the freezer. Unfortunately, this wasn't stated on the packaging and I laid them flat before sticking them in the freezer, causing them to leak.

Once I figured out the cause, I placed them upright in the freezer and kept them there until right before practice. Coach Hubby and I then transferred the Zipzicles into a large cooler, layering them with ice (ice, pops, ice, pops, ice).

The team (and coaches!) devoured them!

They made the perfect cool, post-practice treat on a sweltering hot day. Even the Varsity players wanted some. Ha!

Aside from the leaking mishap, I really enjoyed this product. I love the fact that you are in full control; you control the quality of ingredients, the flavors, the sugar content. They are easy to fill, transport, and open.

Zipzicles can be purchased directly through their website, on Amazon, and at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Fill. Freeze. Fun!

*** Disclaimer: Zipzicles was kind enough to send me their product, however, all thoughts and opinions are solely my own. ***