Team Mama Idea: DIY Basketball Gift Bags for Coaches

Sunday was the last game of the season for No. 1 and his AAU team. SO bittersweet! In their first year together, the team finished 30-15, winning 3 tournament Championships, and making it to several more. I couldn't be prouder of each boy on the team as well as their amazing coaches!

I volunteered to coordinate coaches gifts, which we presented to them at our team dinner last Friday. They have been so dedicated, positive, and supportive all season long. Not one of the coaches had a child on the team. In fact, two of the coaches have children in college, and the other coach just finished his senior year in high school!

I began by sending out an email asking for donations to all of the parents on the team. As always, I didn't specify a specific amount. I've found that leaving the amount up to them works best.

I ordered each coach a personalized mini basketball from this Etsy shop.

All of the players signed them, making the balls even more special! I used the leftover money to purchase gift cards.

I couldn't find any gift bags that fit the occasion, so I made my own. A quick trip to my local craft store, and I had everything I needed!

Large sized gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbon... in basketball print and our team colors, of course!

I found the basketball image on Pinterest and simply printed them out.

I then glued one cutout on each bag and wrote the coaches names underneath.

And this was the final result. I love how they came out. And so did the coaches!

Until next season.


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