Sports Mama Tip: 3 Things to Say to Your Athlete After Each And Every Game

I'll admit it. I'm always happier when my boys' win than when they lose. However, I also know that losing is just as much a part of the game as winning is.

How else would they know how good it feels to win if they never lost?

And while it may seem natural to come down on our kid(s) after a subpar performance and/or loss ("Why didn't you take more shots? Do you want to lose your starting spot? You should've done this instead."), the best thing for us to do is to not treat them much more differently than we would had they won.

Youth sports are suppose to be fun. But if we continually put more emphasis on the bad rather than the good, our young athletes may begin to resent them and see them more as a job than a hobby.

So what should we be saying to our children after their games?

Here are three things to get into the habit of saying to your young athlete after each and every game, regardless of the outcome:

  1. Did you try your best?- Just like with any and everything else they put their minds to. No one's saying they have to hit as many three's as Curry, but they should be giving the same full effort he does.
  2. Did you have fun?- If they're not enjoying themselves, it may be time to reevaluate things. Youth sports require a lot of time and sacrifice (from both the athletes and us mamas!). Be sure that you're investing in something that brings them joy.
  3. I love watching you play!- We wouldn't sign them up season after season if this wasn't the case. Am I right? Be sure they know that a game is just a game and that you are, and always will be, their number one fan... regardless of the score!

As the mother of two teenagers now, one entering into his first season of high school football, I can tell you this for a fact; the days are long but the years are (way too) short.

Enjoy every moment, Mamas!