Team Mama Idea: 5 (Non-Trophy) Player Gift Ideas

I've previously written posts on both coaches gifts and team mom gift ideas, but what about the players? You may want to give them a little something too. Especially after a successful season.

Here are five of my favorite non-trophy gift ideas:

  • Photo Books- Select your favorite photos from the season and have them printed into a book. Such a thoughtful keepsake!

  • Personalized Water Bottles- Because athletes can never have too many. Am I right?

  • Team T-shirts- You can be as creative as you'd like. Some ideas include adding the team logo, a team photo and the names of all the players, in your team color(s) of course!

  • Team Photo- Take a team photo and have it blown up. You can even have it made to look like a magazine cover! 

  • Baked Goods- You can never go wrong with this one. Kids + Sugar = Win Win Situation!

Let me know some of your favorite player gift ideas in the comment section below!