Sports Mama Tip: Warm Weather Essentials

It feels like we went straight from Winter to Summer here in NoVA! It's like Spring decided to take this year off. One week I needed a blanket and hand warmers, and the very next week I'm dousing myself in sunscreen. #TRUESTORY

With No. 2 playing soccer, No. 3 playing flag football, and No. 1 getting ready for high school football, I'll be spending a whole bunch of time outside on those sidelines.

Here is my list of warm weather essentials to help keep you cool all season long:

  • Sunglasses. Keep the sun out of your eyes, and look cute while doing it! It's a win-win situation!
  • Hat. I go back and forth between a baseball cap and a fedora. Both do a good job of keeping your head cool as well as keeping the sun out of your face.
  • Hair ties. Ponytails are my go-to hairstyle in the heat. And I don't know about you, but I'm famous for going from having 55 hair ties to having 2 overnight. For this reason, I'm always sure to keep a couple extras in my Sports Mama bag.
  • Sunscreen. This one is a must! Most fields lack any type of shade. And if you've ever sat on bleachers before, you know exactly just how much sun they attract. Not only will it protect you from sunburn, it also shields harmful UV rays which in turn lowers your risk of skin cancer. No brainer, right? Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, so be sure to check the label before purchasing.
  • Water. Self explanatory. Hydration isn't just important for athletes, Mamas. We have to take care of us too!
  • Cooler. Filled with ice, of course. To keep both yours and your athlete's drinks cold. Nothing worse than being thirsty and hot and given warm water.
  • Stadium cushion/chair. Shorts + Hot bleachers = NO BUENO! Do your legs a favor and come prepared. If you don't have either one, a blanket will work just as well!
  • Canopy. Although they can be a bit of a pain to put up, they are totally worth it. They provide lots of shade and lots of room for you and your Sports Mama BFFs to chill (get it??) under.

Honorable mention:

  • Misting fan. I don't have one of these (yet!), but I've been eyeing them. If any of you have one, I'd love to know whether or not you recommend them!

Stay cool, mamas!

*** Not warm where you live? I got you, Mama! Click HERE for my list of Cold Weather Essentials. ***