Sports Mama Review: Lightspeed Self-Inflating Stadium Cushion

One thing all of us Sports Mamas have in common, regardless of the sport(s) our young athletes play, is the fact that we spend a lot of time sitting on the sidelines aka bleachers. And it doesn't take very long at all before you realize just how uncomfortable they can be!

Enter Lightspeed; a company with a love of the outdoors and a goal of making the outdoors easy to enjoy. They've created a Self-Inflating Stadium Cushion! Sounds like a Sports Mama dream come true, doesn't it?!

So what exactly is it? It's a plush, portable cushion with a valve attachment allowing it to self (yes, self!)-inflate. The cushion is made with Flexform, a soft, stretchy fabric and weighs less than half a pound. It also comes with an attached carrying bag making it perfect to throw in your Sports Mama Bag!

Does it work? Coach Hubby and I tested them out at No. 1's AAU basketball tournament this past weekend. According to the instructions, to inflate you simply "unroll cushion and open valve". Once the valve was opened, the cushion self-inflated in about 6 seconds! Yep, I counted. No blowing needed whatsoever. (You can, however, blow into the valve should you want to increase the firmness. We personally preferred them as is.)

The cushion itself was soft and definitely way more comfortable than sitting on hard bleachers! The size once inflated (approximately 16 in x 12 in x 2 in) was just right for us both.

To deflate we simply had to reopen the valve and roll the cushion in the direction of the valve. It was super easy and quick to do. And as previously mentioned, it comes with an attached carrying bag making it super simple to transport. In fact, I kept both of them in my sports mama bag and still had room for everything else!

And do I recommend them? I most definitely do! Thanks to Lightspeed, I'm kissing the days of bleacher butt GOODBYE! These cushions even make sitting on the ground comfortable! (We tested them out while sitting in the grass watching No. 2 play soccer.) Besides the obvious comfort factor, I also see them helping protect from both cold and hot surfaces. Ever sat on too cold or too hot bleachers?? Ouch!

The only critique I have is the lack of available colors. They currently only come in four colors; red, blue, green, and black. I'd love for there to be a wider color variety as us Sports Mamas love matching our entire wardrobe and accessories to our athlete's team colors. Am I right?

I don't see myself (or Coach Hubby!) heading to another event with bleachers without it. Click HERE to order yours today!

Side note: WE WON!!!

*** Disclaimer: Lightspeed was kind enough to send me their product, however, all thoughts and opinions are solely my own.***