15 Things Sports Moms Say

Us Sports Mamas get each other. So much so, that it can at times sound like we're speaking in a foreign language.

Here are 15 things that we're known to say, both on and off the field:

  1. Did I just feel a rain drop? YES!
  2. You better hit somebody!
  3. I can't. My kid has practice.
  4. Get your cup off of the table!
  5. Are there any bones sticking out? Good. Go play!
  6. $20 to watch my own kid play? Seriously?
  7. Are you blind, ref?
  8. Put that brownie down. You have weigh-in tomorrow!
  9. Omg. What is that horrible smell?
  10. Score a goal and I'll give you a dollar!
  11. Where are the tops to these 128 water bottles?
  12. It's 9pm. Time for dinner!
  13. Sorry my car smells so bad. My kid had practice last night.
  14. Where's my cowbell?
  15. THAT'S MY BABY!!!

Let's keep the fun going. Leave something you're known to say in the comment section below!

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