10 Signs You're Probably a Soccer Mom

I love soccer season. I really do. In fact, soccer was the very beginning of my "Sports Mama Career". I've been a soccer mom for almost 10 years now (oh, that makes me feel old!).

Here are ten telltale signs that you're probably one too...

  1. You have multiple weather apps on your cellphone. And you check them several times a day. Maybe, just maybe that 95% chance of thunderstorms on game day will change if I check it one more time!
  2. You have a portable chair in the trunk of your car. It reclines, has a cup holder, and a canopy. And your entire family knows not to touch it!
  3. Whenever you open your trunk to load groceries there's a 99.9% chance that a soccer ball (or two, or three!) will come rolling out. Hand eye coordination Mama, hand eye coordination!
  4. There are water bottles every where you look; the backseat of your car, in your kid's room, heck, even in your purse. Yet, you still can't manage to walk through Target without picking up a new one. 
  5. You drive your kid home from practice will all the windows down. Two words: shin guards! And if you're the mom of a goalie, bless your sweet heart. Goalie gloves may be about the only things that smell worse. GAG!
  6. You spend waaay too much time on Pinterest. How else would you find all those cute soccer mom shirts and come up with all those fun, post-game snack ideas?
  7. Nutmeg is no longer the name of a spice in your household.
  8. You always know which store has oranges on sale. And you can slice 10 of them in the blink of an eye.
  9. You buy the largest bottles of sunscreen and bug spray you can find. And you have a back up stash, just in case. Sunburn and those pesky bugs don't stand a chance!
  10. You have no free Saturdays the entire season. Between commuting to and from the games, arriving early at the games for warm-ups, and the actual games themselves, you basically live at the field. And you absolutely LOVE it!

Good luck this season, Mamas!

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