Sports Mama Tip: Youth Soccer Player Essentials

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring AND the first day of soccer practice for No. 2! I'm one happy Sports Mama. I can't wait to be at the field again, sitting in my favorite chair, wearing my favorite flip flops and my favorite shades, and of course, watching (one of) my favorite boys play!

Here is what he I am sure he has with him at all times:

  • Cleats. Although they aren't technically required, they without a doubt are recommended! They help with footing and ball control. No. 2's new cleats come with a built-in sockliner which is suppose to offer lightweight cushioning and comfort.
  • Shin guards. These are a requirement. They are used to protect your athlete's shins from injury. My boys prefer the slip in ones. They are easy to put on and can even be thrown in the washing machine!
  • Soccer ball. Most coaches ask that each player bring a ball with them to practice. In addition to practicing as a team, they also will typically work on individual drills such as dribbling. No. 2 will be playing 13U this season and will be using a size 5 ball. (Click here to find the correct ball size for your child.)
  • Water bottle. Because your athlete will get thirsty. For those super hot days, be sure to pack a few extras. You can also ensure they stay cold by sticking them in the freezer the night before!
  • Sunscreen. There is usually little to no shade at soccer fields. Ain't nobody got time for sunburn! I always look for ones that say "sport" on the bottle as they have the best staying power for sweaty athletes. I also make sure that it has a SPF of at least 50, and prefer sprays over lotions as they make the application process a cinch!
  • Extra jersey. We have both blue and white jerseys, for home and away games. Even though I write every game (along with all pertinent details!) in my planner, things happen. Like my kid wearing his blue jersey when the rest of his team is wearing white... true story! So now, we take both with us. Just in case!
  • Drawstring bag. To store ALL the things. Makes transport super easy as well! They can even throw in their preferred accessories, such as hand sanitizer, keys, and cellphone.

Here are a few other items which are not essentials, but seem to be quite popular amongst youth players these days:

  • Slides. For comfort on the way to and from the field.
  • Headband. To keep their hair out of their face. Or simply for looks.
  • Compression shirts and pants. Helps keep them cool and dry. They come in a variety of colors, so finding some to match your athlete's uniform should be a breeze.

Let the season begin!

Have an essential not mentioned above? Feel free to share it in the comment section below!

*** Click HERE to see what I carry in my Sports Mama soccer bag!