Team Mama Idea: Post-Game Snacks for Early Morning Games

I was snack mama again! This time for No. 3's team. (Click HERE to see what I took last weekend for No. 2's basketball team.) No. 1's team doesn't do snacks, so I'm officially done for the season. SCORE!

His game was at 9am, Saturday morning. Yawn! I wasn't feeling 100%, so I needed something a little easier than the basketball breakfast kabobs I made last season.

Here's what I came up with:

As you can see, I went with a breakfast theme. I bought bananas, mini chocolate chip muffins, and apple juice. I placed everything in gallon sized plastic baggies and used a Sharpie to write different little sayings on the white label area.

Bagging everything together makes both transport and distribution a breeze. If you don't currently bag your snacks, I highly suggest trying it next time you're on snack duty. I promise you that the extra couple of dollars spent will be well worth it!

The team (and parents!) loved them!


*** Sports Mama Tip: I bagged everything except for the bananas the night before. I waited until the morning to add them to slow down the ripening process. Because nine year olds and spotty bananas...