Not All Sports Mamas Are Created Equal

Not all sports mamas are created equal.

Some never miss a single practice; while others only attend games.

Some run up and down the sidelines ringing their cowbells and cheering at the top of their lungs; while others silently grin from ear to ear in their seats.

Some are decked out from head to toe in their athlete's team colors; while for others a simple t-shirt may do.

Some volunteer to be team mom; while others prefer to volunteer as needed.

Some know each and every rule of the game; while some still have to ask "what does 3 seconds mean again?".

Some are front and center for each and every game (rain, snow, or shine); while others prefer to watch from the comfort of their cars.

Some are quick to let it be known if they feel that the ref made a bad call; some just sigh and keep it moving.

Some like to sit and chat among the other mamas, while some enjoy keeping to themselves and catching up on their favorite book.

Some like to plan the end of season party; while others feel more comfortable helping with clean up.

Some have been sports mamas for over ten years; and some are in their rookie season.

You see, not all sports mamas are created equal.

And I'm here to tell you that it's ok. One type of sports mama is not better than another.

Each one is perfect for their own athlete.

So next time you begin to compare yourself to one of your fellow sports mamas, remember that you are exactly who your athlete needs.

You are present, you are positive, you are proud, you are perfect!

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