Weekend Snapshots: Football Ends & Basketball Begins!

This past weekend was a busy one. We had three football parties and five basketball games!

We kicked it off at a local bowling alley for Coach Hubby and No. 1's end of season party. Which by the way was completely covered by our touchdown jar! For one all inclusive price, each boy received two and a half hours of bowling, shoes, and his choice of pizza, chicken tenders, a hot dog, or mini corn dogs.

And you just can't have an end of season party without cake...

Or coaches gifts!

I purchased each coach a personalized beer glass with donations I received from our parents.

And a t-shirt in our colors with the entire team roster on the back of it!

Each player received one as well.

Along with a trophy provided by our club, for making it to the semifinals!

I loved how they took turns signing each others jerseys.

A great time was had by all; players, coaches, parents, and this team mama alike!

On Saturday, No. 1 jumped right into basketball. His team had their first tourney of the season.

Two games, two wins!

And then we were off to No. 2's football end of season party. His assistant coach was gracious (and brave!) enough to open his home to 15 tween boys and their families.

There were burgers, hotdogs, sides, and sweets galore. So much fun!

On Sunday, it was back to the hardwood.

Three games later, and No. 1 and his team were 5-0 and tournament CHAMPIONS!!! Woot woot!

But our Sunday didn't end there. After the tournament, I accompanied Coach Hubby to a football coaches party.

The end of football season is always so bittersweet. And although I'm sad to see it go, basketball season came in with a bang, and I'm ready for it!