Sports Mama Tip: End of Season Party Checklist

Fall Sports came to an end for us this weekend. No. 3 had his last soccer game of the season and both No. 1 and No. 2's football teams fell just one game short of the championship. Such a heartbreaker!

Though we don't have anymore practices or games, my job as team mama (for No. 1's team) is not yet done. I'm currently working on finalizing details for our end of season festivities.

Here is MY end of season party checklist to help make YOUR end of season party a breeze!

2 weeks before:

  • Book your end of season party. Some of my favorite places include bowling alleys, laser tag, or local sports bars. You could also have a potluck at the field or even your home. Kids aren't picky, they'll be happy with whatever you decide!
  • Collect money for coaches gifts. I never specify a numeric amount when collecting. I always let parents give what they want/can. Click HERE for 6 personalized gift ideas!
  • Order trophies/players gifts. Some of my go-to non-trophy ideas include medals, photo books, and t-shirts.

1 week before:

  • Send out invites. Don't wait until the last minute. You want the entire team to be able to make it!
  • Collect party money. The cost should not all fall on you and coach. During football season, we have a touchdown jar which usually covers our parties in full. No need to ask for money at the end of the season!
  • Order a cake. Photo cakes are always a big hit!

Day before:

  • Send out a reminder email. Life gets busy. You don't want a player to miss the party, because their parent forgot to add the date to their calendar.
  • Pack a party bag/box. I tend to forget things when I wait until the last minute. Be sure that you have your camera, coaches gifts, and player gifts packed and ready to go.

Day of:

  • Pick up the cake. Schedule it to be ready several hours before the party, so that it's one less thing you have to worry about.
  • Arrive about 15-20 minutes earlier than the team. This will give you time to get your self situated, decorate, and work out any last minute issues, should they arise.


  • Let others help you. You shouldn't have to do it all. Find volunteers to help you set-up, serve food, take pictures, and clean up.
  • Enjoy yourself! Because you're the real MVP, mama!