Guest Post: You Don't Have To Participate! 5 Tips to Balance Your Immune System!

Ready or not, Flu Season is upon us! And as busy sports mamas, ain't nobody got time for that!

Check out these 5 tips from Beth Jessop that do not include medication, flu shots, and the usual tactics that actually weaken our immune system!

It’s time to fight back without medication, flu shots and the usual tactics that actually weaken our immune system! So let’s get building…

Tip #1

SUNSHINE! Yep, good old Vitamin D from the sun! But there isn’t a ton of sun to be found for most of us, right? So if you are not living in a year-round sunny climate, your immune system is going to suffer and you will need to supplement with Vitamin D. The recommendation that I have been given by my own natural health practitioner is a minimum of 5,000IU and listen closely…make sure that it is not synthetic. Your body does not know what to do with synthetic vitamins.

Tip #2

ELDERBERRY is a great way to help prevent viruses from replicating. Eating elderberries is a terrific way to help build the immune system, but elderberries are not in season and can be difficult to find this time of year (not to mention expensive). Food source elderberry supplements are great or you can check out what our family has been using for over five years that includes elderberries AND over 29 other fruits, veggies, and berries!

Tip #3

REDUCE YOUR SUGAR INTAKE! This can be difficult during this time of year when everywhere we look there are sweet treats to celebrate the holiday season. Think about it. There is a surplus of sugary treats that start when the kids go back to school and celebrate all the birthdays, then Halloween, now Thanksgiving, then Christmas, the New Year, Valentine’s Day and then Easter…that is pretty much the entire “flu season” right there! Sugar suppresses the immune system. If you want to ensure that the flu bug doesn’t stop at your house, seriously take a look at your sugar consumption. Reduce as best you can.

Tip #4

OREGANO AND GARLIC kill bacteria, viruses, fungus, and molds. So stock your “medicine” cabinet with this natural remedy. You can find sprays with oregano and garlic supplements in a natural food store or online. Be sure to read the labels carefully and look for whole food sources. And I suggest that you find a natural health care practitioner or someone you trust to guide you to the best sources!

Tip #5

EXERCISE! This will come as no big shock to all of us, but exercise is key to a healthy immune system. The stress of the season, more sugar than usual (we talked about earlier) and a tendency to hunker down in the cold weather can cause us to lose focus on the importance of getting regular exercise. Our bodies were made to move and for good reason! It helps keep us strong and healthy to fight off whatever comes our way!

So I encourage you to skip this flu season! You don’t have to participate if you get your body ready! You have all the tools necessary…eat well, exercise and supplement where needed. And don’t freak out when you do get sick. Your body knows what to do. If you have prepared it well, it will do its job!

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