Weekend Snapshots: Getting My Artsy Fartsy On!

Over the last week, I've managed to get a few arts and crafts done despite having to work full time, chauffer the boys back and forth to both football and soccer practices, nurse No. 2's ankle back to health, deal with a nasty stomach bug of my own (ugh!), not to mention every other thing us mamas do on a daily basis.

I made two shirts. Well, I didn't literally make them. I purchased rhinestone transfers from Etsy and ironed them on.

I made a football shirt.

And a soccer shirt!

Bling bling, baby! Quick shipping, great quality, and super easy to do. I absolutely LOVE how they came out!

I also gave some of my old cowbells a little makeover.

My original plan was to get rid of them since we changed clubs this season and have new colors. Then I remembered that I had a can of orange spray paint sitting around. Seriously, is there anything a little spray paint (and glitter tape!) can't fix?!? I can't wait to give them to some of my new football mama friends!

Have a great week, mamas!