Sports Mama Review: Football Ties Vinyl Nail Decals

I recently purchased football nail decals from I spotted them on Pinterest last year, and had been eyeing them ever since! Shop owner  says "Do you want a salon looking manicure in the comfort of your home? Look no further! These nail decals make a cute manicure in no time! Just paint your nails the desired color, wait for them to dry, apply nail decal and add a top coat!".

For $4 you receive a sheet of 78 ties. I ordered them on a Monday, and received them two days later. Talk about fast shipping!

They came with easy to follow application instructions.

I began by painting my nails first (base coat + 2 coats of color). I made sure that they were completely dry before proceeding with the decals. I then placed one decal on each nail. A few times the positioning was off, so I had to quickly remove and reposition them. I found that using a pair of nail scissors was the easiest way to do this. Out of the four that I repositioned, only one was damaged. Once all of the decals had been placed, I sealed them with a layer of top coat.

Here is the finished product:

Seriously, how cute are they??? I received so many compliments while wearing them!

They lasted a solid three days before beginning to peel. I'm pretty sure they would have lasted longer had I applied more than one layer of top coat. It's all good with me though. I didn't plan on wearing them an entire week anyway!

I've already recommended this product to some my favorite mamas. They are definitely a product all football mamas should have in their spirit stash! I mean, have you tried drawing football laces on your nails freehand before? I have. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy!

Click HERE to order your own! 

Happy shopping!