Sports Mama Review: Create out Loud Cowbell

As previously mentioned, my boys are playing football for a new club this season. A new club means new teammates, new mama friends, new colors, and of course, a NEW COWBELL! I mean, what good is a football mama without her cowbell?!

I purchased the Create out Loud Large Cowbell with Handle from Walmart. The online description says "The Create Out Loud range of noisemakers will help elevate your team spirit to the next level. The customizable cow bell will help you cheer your team on! Add your own unique touch to this cowbell with paint, stickers, markers, stencils, etc.!". The bell is 10" tall and 3" wide. The bigger the better, right!

It is lightweight, yet seems quite sturdy. And best of all, it is LOUD! I haven't tested it at an actual game just yet, but I have rang it quite a bit at home- my kids and puppy must love me! Ha.

To customize my cowbell, I began by covering it with two coats of orange spray paint. (Tip: I covered the handle with aluminum foil prior to spraying, to ensure it stayed black). I then let the paint dry for a solid 24 hours before decorating.

For decorating supplies, I took a trip to my local Michaels. I bought football shaped stickers as well as blue and white markers. Don't forget to use a coupon! I also dug into my craft bin where I was able to find white, sticker letters that I colored blue. I ended up hot gluing the stickers on for an added layer of protection. (I can go a little crazy jumping up and down ringing my bell sometimes).

Here is the finished product!

I'm very happy with how my bell turned out! I will be sure to update my post about midway through the season with how it is holding up.


***UPDATE: Football season ended last week and my bell was still going strong... even after all of the ringing and jumping up and down I did! It was by far THE loudest one in the stands and I received SO many compliments on it. I can't wait to ring it again next season! #icantkeepcalmimafootballmom