Sports Mama Tip: Youth Football Player Essentials

We're almost halfway through July, which can only mean one thing... FOOTBALL IS COMING!!! Whether you're brand new to tackle football or your off season was so long that you need a refresher course, this post is for you!

Here is a list of what Coach Hubby and I are always sure that our boys have prior to the season kicking off:

  • Equipment. Helmet, shoulder pads, pants (ours come with the built-in pads). Most clubs will provide these for you. This is the stuff that makes tackle, tackle.
  • Chin strap. Your team will most likely provide this for you as well. No. 1 ended up purchasing this one with his own money this year, and has remarked about how comfortable it is.
  • Padded compression shirt. My boys aren't very big. So, I'll take all the added protection I can get! These shirts have extra pads (shoulders, ribs, back) and are worn underneath their jerseys.
  • Compression pants or shorts. My boys use these in place of underwear. They are more comfortable and help to keep them cool and dry.
  • Cleats. They come in a variety of styles and colors, including low, mid, and high tops.  No. 1 prefers high tops while No. 2 prefers mid-rise. It's all a matter of personal preference.
  • Mouth guard. This is a must! Your player won't even be allowed to play without one. In fact, they can cause their team a penalty if they don't have it in their mouth during the game! I would suggest keeping a back up at all times in case they lose it- or chew it to shreds. (Don't ask, just believe me! I've seen all kinds of things over the last 5 seasons). If your player has braces, be sure to get them one specifically designed for orthodontic work!
  • Water bottle. While some coaches will bring water for the team, not all will. I like to be prepared- just in case. During the warmer months, I'll freeze their bottles overnight so that they will be nice and cool on the field.

I've also included a few optional items. They are by no means necessary, but my boys (and many of their teammates!) like to have them:

  • Visor. Wear it for looks, wear it for keeping opponents fingers out of your eyes. Our league only allows for clear ones. Be sure to check with yours prior to purchasing a tinted one.
  • Gloves. No. 1 plays quarterback so he chooses to wear only one on his non-throwing hand. No. 2 wears his whenever he remembers. Ha!
  • Back plate. Another added layer of protection. They are designed to help protect their backs, especially for those players running the ball.

Writing this post definitely made me that much more excited for the upcoming season! I'm looking forward to being back in my happy place.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to share your football player's essentials in the comments below!