Weekend Snapshots: No. 2 is 12!

No. 2 turned 12 over the weekend! No, that can't possibly be right...he was just 2 yesterday!

The "birthday fairy" paid him a visit the night before. This is a tradition I started a few years back, and just absolutely love. Hubs and I decorate their doors with balloons, streamers, and a poster once they fall asleep. They look forward to waking up and seeing what she did for them. Though, No. 3 did tell me that "the birthday fairy isn't real like the tooth fairy". Ha!

I made him sprinkle pancakes for breakfast and we sang to him. A little extra sugar in the morning never hurt anyone, right?

And then he headed off to school...with 28 cupcakes in hand!


After school I took him, a friend, and No. 3 to the movies to see Captain Underpants. Let me tell you, I laughed out loud! If you haven't taken your crew to see it yet, I highly recommend it. One of the better kid movies I've seen in a while!

We ended the day with some more sweets, of course. A fellow sports mama friend makes THE best cake pops in town!

And what would our weekend have been without sports? No. 1 had a basketball game, No. 2 had his last soccer game of the season (they won!), and No. 3 had flag football playoffs. They won their first game, but unfortunately came up short in the semis.

Can we please take a moment and give it up for the brilliant parent who brought this awesome canopy to the field yesterday? It was a steamy 95 degrees out. He was the real MVP!

Have a great week, mamas!