Teacher Appreciation Week: Starbucks Gift Card Idea

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! The boys' schools are doing a variety of things to show them just how much they are appreciated such as serving breakfast, catering lunch, and having the students write thank you notes on post-its to stick on their doors. No. 1's school is even treating their teachers to a car wash! Here's how it works: parents volunteer for different time slots throughout the school day tomorrow, and at the end of the day each teacher will leave with a squeaky, clean car! How awesome is that? Such a great idea!

I always like to send my boys with a little something extra as well. I can't think of a teacher who doesn't like coffee or tea (or need it after dealing with our children!), so I'm back with another DIY Starbucks gift idea. Of course, you could do this with Dunkin Donuts or any other favorite coffee shop as well.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Clear cup, lid, straw
  • Brown crinkly paper
  • Gift card
  • Black sharpie

Begin by filling your cup up with the brown crinkly paper aka coffee. Next, drop in the gift card. I found super cute ones with a picture of an apple on them that say "Thank You Teacher", so I made sure that they were facing outwards so they'd be the star of the show. Finally, have your child write their teacher's name and/or a sweet message with the sharpie on the outside of the cup- just like the baristas do. That's it!

Caffeine. Teach. Repeat!

It definitely takes a big heart to teach little minds. And I am forever grateful for our teachers!

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