Soccer Mama Survival Tips

Ah, soccer season! Time to soak up the sun and have some FUN! I only have one child playing soccer this Spring, but I have spent more years of my "mom life" as a soccer mama than any other type of sports mama.

Here are some of my favorite, tried and tested tips for making the best of the season:

  • Buy an outdoor chair. When you're not jumping up and down cheering, you'll be doing quite a bit of sitting. Be sure to find one that's comfortable and easily transportable. Mine has a built-in cup holder, perfect for my morning cup of Joe! You can go all out if you'd like and find one with a canopy or even one that reclines! Don't be afraid to invest in good quality, I've had mine for years and years now!
  • Dress for the weather. You're going to be outside, most likely without a single bit of shade. Be sure you are prepared. If it's cold, layer up. If it's raining, take an umbrella. If it's sunny, grab your favorite pair of shades and some sunscreen. You don't want to be looking like Larry the Lobster the next day!
  • Pack a soccer mama bag. Click HERE to read what I'm sure to carry with me to each and every game. You name it, I probably have it in my bag. It's better to be over prepared than under prepared!
  • Invest in a good camera lens. If you plan on taking action shots, this is a must. Soccer fields are HUGE. There's just no way your standard 18-55mm lens will get the job done. I purchased mine second hand from Craigslist and I absolutely love it. Not a single scratch in site. Just be sure to do your research first.
  • Pack extra water. This is crucial! My boys have been known to run out of water before the end of the game...especially when it's 80+ degrees out. You want to be sure that they stay well hydrated. When it's going to be really hot out, you can freeze the water the night before. We'll sometimes even pack a small cooler to take with us.
  • Re-up on your Febreze! Y'all already know that Febreze is my BFF. There is a whole lotta sweating that goes on in soccer. Have you ever smelled post-game shin guards or goalie gloves? Or better yet, your post-game kid?! YUCK! Spray away, mama. Spray away!
  • Have fun! One day you'll wake up and no longer have anyone to drive to practice (or games!). So cheer loud, take pictures, share them with friends and family, and most importantly be their number one fan! Win or lose! The world is already full of enough critics.

Good luck this season!

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