Thankful Thursday- March 23, 2017

  • It's SPRING! Finally! Though it's currently only a "whopping" 28 degrees (brrrr!) with an expected high of just 47 degrees today. Boo. I'll take it though! Good days are ahead. Saturday is going to be a sunny, mild, beautiful 74 degrees! I'm thinking that calls for a pedi! Wouldn't you agree?
  • Comfiest sneakers ever. I've recently become of a bit of a sneaker girl. Gasp! Years ago, you couldn't pay me to wear a pair (unless I was working out). I'm finding myself reaching for sneakers more and more these days. My newest pair are Nike Free RN Flyknits. Let me just tell you...they are THE comfiest pair of shoes I have ever owned. Seriously! Go out and get your a pair, girl!
  • Outdoor homework. Guess what No. 3's homework was this past Monday? To plant cabbage! How awesome is that?!? I loved seeing him get his hands dirty (well, not too dirty. He used my gardening gloves. Ha!). I wish more assignments were like this. Children need to spend more time outdoors and less time in front of screens. It also gives him some responsibility; making sure to water his cabbage, that it receives enough sunlight, weeding it. There is even a $1,000 scholarship being awarded to the child who grows the largest cabbage. And if you know my boys, you know that they are all competitive. He is determined to win!
  • First tournament, first win! No. 1 is playing AAU basketball this Spring and Summer. His team had their first tournament this past weekend and WON!!! A big win, might I add. They went 4-0, never trailed in a single game, and won them all convincingly. They beat one of the teams 56-8...holy cow! You'd never know it was their first time playing together. They all looked good! Hopefully, this is just the beginning. We have our second tournament this weekend. Fingers (and toes!) crossed. Go Stars!
  • Today is my FRIDAY! Woot woot! I took tomorrow off to spend with my mom before she heads back home and it just so happens that my boys have the day off from school as well. No plans have been set in stone just yet, but we're looking at a trip to the nail shop, bowling, and hiking as possibilities. I can't wait!

    What are you thankful for today?