Team Mama Idea: Basketball End of Season Ideas

Basketball season has come and gone! At least non-AAU basketball which is a whole different animal. We'll talk about that sometime soon, I'm sure.

Although I was never officially "crowned" team mama (none of the boys' teams had one), I tried to help out where I could. For No. 3, I ran our TeamSnap and took pictures here and there. I also took up the collection for his Coach's gift. His coach has been nothing short of amazing with the team. Coaching 8 silly and super energetic, third grade boys (who also happen to have some of the shortest attention spans I've ever seen!) is no easy task!

We presented him with an Amazon gift card as well as a framed picture of a basketball, signed by all of the boys on the team. I found the picture on Pinterest as well as these cute, FREE printable gift card holders. Just download, print on cardstock, and attach with the gift card of your choice-that's it!

Coach absolutely loved his gift! He said it would be going up in his office.

No. 3 earned a new medal to add to his collection! (Click HERE to see how I organize them).

And the end of the season just wouldn't have been complete without cupcakes! I bought blue liners and decorated them with orange sprinkles to match our team colors.

I decorated the other half of the cupcakes like basketballs for No. 2's team. Click HERE to read my original post, if you'd like to know exactly what I used.

How awesome is the thank you card the parents gave Coach Hubby?! I absolutely love it! The mama who coordinated the coaches gifts said she had it made at Walgreens. I will definitely be using her idea in the future!

Speaking of awesome, check out my shirt y'all! I'm obsessed.

Not that two basketball games, baking, and cosmic bowling with a bunch of eleven year old boys counts as staying in bed.

Until next season!