Show & Tell Tuesday- Top 5 Favorite Sports Pictures!

Happy Tuesday, y'all! Today I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and sharing my top FIVE favorite (sports) photos of ALL time.

This was no easy task as I can easily take 100+ photos a game. Multiply that by three boys, in four different sports, and...well, you get the point! But I think I've narrowed it down. Ready?? Here we go!

I just love this picture of No. 2. He looks so focused and determined. It was his very first race at his very first track meet, and guess what?? He won!!!

Stiff arm!! This is one of my favorite football pictures of No. 1. It just spews confidence to me! I don't know about y'all, but I can't imagine someone running towards me, full speed, with the sole intention of tackling me. Holy cow!

While I didn't take this amazing shot, I just couldn't leave it out. Basketball photography is hard, mamas. The lighting, the's just plain tough. I'm so thankful for fellow basketball mamas that make it look easy. Like in this photo of No. 1. I really am!

I don't just capture action shots at games. I like to capture what's happening before, after, and even during water (or in this instance, Gatorade!) breaks. The thirst struggle is real, y'all. Just ask No. 3!

Here's another non-action shot. See that one kid in the middle of the huddle hyping his teammates up? That's my No. 2! This picture melts my heart. I absolutely love it!

And here's one last photo. I know this makes 6, but I just couldn't leave it out.

Football is family. MY family. We are each others biggest fans!