Webinar on 'The 10 Behavioural Traits of Highly Successful Traders and Investors'.


Last week I presented a Webinar as part of a London Investment Week on 'The 10 Behavioural Traits of Highly Effective Traders and Investment Professionals'.

This webinar is based on my article: 'The 10 Behavioural Traits of Highly Effective Traders and Investment Professionals'

The webinar can be seen on the following link:


To know more about Behavioural Performance Coaching for Traders and Investment Professionals, please visit our website at http://www.alpharcubed.com/coaching.  Or email me at steven.goldstein@alpharcubed.com

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Behavioural Performance Coaching from AlphaRCubed. - Everyone has the potential to shine, coaching is the polish that allows it to happen.  

Steven Goldstein is a leading Performance and Executive Coach working with Traders, Banks, Energy Firms and Hedge funds: He is Managing Director of at Alpha R Cubed, which works with banks and investment firms to improve their human capital within financial risk businesses. To know more about Alpha R Cubed, visit their website www.alpharcubed.com or email Steven at steven.goldstein@alpharcubed.com.

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