June Newsletter : 'Developing a Behavioural Edge'


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LinkedIn Group

Our LinkedIn group membership continues to grow strongly, by the end of June it is likely we will hit 14,000 members. This group is a forum for discussion, debate and the sharing of articles related to the behavioural, emotional, psychological, cognitive, performance aspects of trading, risk, investment, and finance. I endeavour to keep this group on topic and away from spam and marketing, serial offenders are blocked.

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Upcoming Free Webinar
I will be giving a Free Webinar, as part of a London Investment Week event on the 23rd June at 5pm UK Time. The topic is ‘Developing the Behavioural Traits of Highly Successful Traders.’ - you can register for this event at http://www.londoninvestmentweek.com/event/round-the-clock-trader-3/

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Steven Goldstein