Anyone can qualify JEE Mains in 3 weeks & Best Tip to Boost Your Rank

I don't need to introduce you about the fierce competition for getting into IITs & NITs. The first hurdle is to qualify JEE mains which was previously known as AIEEE. Having appeared for AIEEE (say it JEE mains) twice, got through it twice and coached numerous students of mine in the last 4-5 years has provided me with a sure shot way to qualify or boost your rank in less than a month. Only requirement from my end would be your complete devotion in these few weeks and follow each & every step as I'm mentioning below:

Step 1: 

Get hold of last 15 years JEE Mains (or AIEEE, as it was known few years back) question papers. Solve them subject-wise. In other words, only solve physics paper in a 1 hour sitting, chemistry & maths in different 1 hour time-slots.
Do this for the last 10-15 years (Jitni Aapki Shraddha ho!).
In entirety, you would be needing 30-45 hours for this task. Do this in one week. This is how you would devote your first week.

Step 2:

Calculate your scores. In addition to that, analyse the paper by downloading solutions from the internet. I'll not help with links, you definitely are more net-savy if you are reading this. Segregate the questions which you got wrong or couldn't attempt into three categories. The categories are namely, 'Easy & Doable', 'Medium & Input Needed' and 'Difficult & Avoidable'. Let me brief you the description of this classification & rationale behind it.

Easy & Doable :
The questions which definitely are easy but because of some silly reasons you missed out on scoring from these.

Medium & Input Needed :
These are the questions which can be solved by you if you do some self-study or ask a friend/tutor/coach.

Difficult & Avoidable :
These are the questions which need a lot of study from your end and even then you won't be confident about solving them or their variants in the actual JEE Mains day.

Now the strategy is to judiciously use our time. So, we'll study only topics related to 'Medium & Input Needed' questions and not waste any time on 'Difficult & Avoidable' type. But before you do this, please also calculate your score percentage by adjusting for 'Easy & Doable' & 'Medium & Input Needed' categories. So, you'll have three kinds of scores. Actual, 'Easy & Doable' & 'Medium & Input Needed'.

Actual = Actual

'Easy & Doable' = Actual Score + Add 'Easy & Doable'

'Medium & Input Needed' = Actual Score + Add 'Easy & Doable' + 'Medium & Input Needed'

When I say add 'Easy & Doable', you have to adjust your score by +4 if you missed an 'Easy & Doable' question and +5 if you attempted it incorrectly. Similarly, do for the 'Medium & Input Needed' and other questions. Then, calculate your score percentages and tabulate them like below:

The above is what one of my students has sent me. This would be a proper appraisal & indicator of your expected rank with the current level of understanding. You also have to identify the key areas of physics, chemistry & maths to focus on, somewhat like given below which my student has done.

You, my friend, also have to do a similar exercise. Now, start reading those identified topics from 'Medium & Input Needed'. This would definitely vary from student to student.

Take 7-10 day for this step.

Step 3:

After doing subject-analysis and self-study of identified topics from 'Medium & Input Needed' you are 90% ready for JEE mains. Only now start solving full papers in 3 hours by strictly following the time constraint. Buy a sample paper or download practice JEE Mains paper from the internet for this step. Take around a week for this exercise. This step is to build your examination temperament.

All these steps are tried & tested successfully by various students. You need to wane off the variations in your score. This would build confidence & predictability in yourself. If you follow all these steps, you are bound to qualify JEE Mains & enhance your All India Rank by a considerable margin.

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I am always happy to help.

Best of luck for your JEE Mains!

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