Webinar Recording - Trader Personality / RiskType - How it relates to trading performance.

On Wednesday 17th March, the Market Technicians Association (MTA) hosted a webinar I presented on Trader Personality and Risk Type. This 55 minute long webinar can be seen at the following link, or by clicking the image above:  


For those looking to see segments of the webinar, these can be viewed at the following times on the recording.

1) Introduction and 3 quotes which underlie my philosopny to helping traders improve their trading performance. 0 to 7 minutes.

2) Some examples of success stories from my trader performance coaching. 7 to 11 minutes.

3) An explanation of the concept of risk-type and how it impacts trader/risk-type performance.11 to 14 minutes.

4)  An introduction to the Risk Type Compass risk profiling tool and how we interpret it in the context of trading behaviours. 14 to 21 minutes.

5)  Presentation of analysis of risk profiles of Traders and Hedge Fund Managers who have taken the Risk Type Compass assessment. 21 to 41minutes 30s.

6) Q&As. 41m 30s to 55 minutes.

I will be giving a presentation and talk on the same topic on Tuesday 1st March from 6pm to 7pm in London at an MTA hosted event.

CMC Markets, 133 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7BX 
Registration for this event is free for MTA Members and Non-Members.However places are limited. You can register for this at the following link. https://www.mta.org/event-registration/united-kingdom-chapter-meeting-featuring-steven-goldstein/

I look forward to you joining us for these events.

Warm regards

Steven Goldstein 
Managing Director - Alpha R Cubed Ltd

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