Webinar and Presentation: “How Risk Personality Impacts Trading and Investment Performance and Behaviours”

Webinar and Presentation Invite
I am delighted to announce that the Market Technicians Association (MTA) have invited me present a webinar and give a talk about my work on trader personality and behaviour.

At these events i will be introducing a powerful new Risk Profiling tool which we use in our work with traders, portfolio managers, banks and hedge funds in developing improved trader performance and superior risk cultures. 

helps people understand more about their risk personality and how this comes to impact their decision-making in high risk situations. - In the webinar I shall explore how the different classifications of risk personality manifest themself in trading and investment performance and behaviours, and how this knowledge can help people, team and businesses improve performance and enhance risk culture. 

In the webinar I will be sharing fascinating research we have doing using this tool across a population of traders and portfolio managers from leading Investment Banks and Hedge Funds. The research sheds a light on different types of trading personalities and how certain trader types are more suited to particular approaches, methods and behaviours. The webinar will demonstrate how by being more conscious of risk personality you can start to reshape your trading and investment behaviours to improve your trading and investment performance.

Webinar Details

The live webinar will take place on:
Wednesday 17th February. 

Timings for this event are:
London GMT 5pm to 6pm 
Paris/Rome/Stockholm CET 6pm to 7pm
New York EST 12pm to 1pm
Los Angeles PST 9am to 10am
Hong Kong HKT 1am to 2am

The webinar is will be available at the following link: 

Presentation Details
The presentation and talk on the Risk Compass will take place on:
Tuesday 1st March from 6pm to 7pm

CMC Markets, 133 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7BX 

Registration for this event is free for MTA Members and Non-Members.However places are limited. You can register for this at the following link. https://www.mta.org/event-registration/united-kingdom-chapter-meeting-featuring-steven-goldstein/

To get a primer on Risk Type and the Risk Type Compass, please click on the article:Risk Type – What is it and why does it matter to you?

I look forward to you joining us for these events.

Warm regards

Steven Goldstein 
Managing Director - Alpha R Cubed Ltd

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