How Understanding Risk Type Can Impact Trader Performance - Webinar Recording.

Thank you to all those who joined our Webinar on Thursday 21st January about 'The Risk Type Compass', Risk Personality Assessment Tool. A recording of the Webinar is now available and can be seen on the video below.

The Webinar is around 55 minutes long is in three parts:

Part 1 : Up to 14 Min 45 Seconds. . Geoff Trickey talks about the Risk Type Compass Tool and the Theory and Science behind it. Geoff Trickey is Managing Director of 'Psychological Consultancy Ltd (PCL)' and creator of the Risk Type Compass Tool.

Part 2 : 14 Min 45 Seconds through to 44 Min 20 seconds - Steven Goldstein talks about how he uses the 'Risk Type Compass' in his coaching and development work with professional traders and portfolio managers. Steven also shares some of his and his colleagues own private research conducted on the trader personalities of professional traders at investment banks and hedge funds, and what it means for risk-taker performance. Steven Goldstein is a leading Trader & Portfolio Manager Performance Coach and Managing Director of Alpha R Cubed.

Part 3: 44 Min 20 Seconds through to 55 Minutes. Q&A session. 


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