The 'Rogue Trader' Look

The Rogue Trader Look

My thanks to KPMG for hosting a superb event earlier this week at their London offices on 'The People Dimension in the Risk Equation.' where I was delighted to be one of the speakers. there were some excellent talks from all speakers involved.

I particularly liked an observation from James Maycock of KPMG, who was providing a round-up of recent rogue trading and market abuse cases. James rather amusingly pointed out that one way to easily spot a 'Rogue Trader' is their penchance for 'Light Blue 'V' neck sweaters. He accompanied this with a picture of Tom Hayes (Libor) and Kweku Adeboli (UBS). The irony, is in putting this together I just stumbled upon a picture of Nick Leeson, and look what he was wearing..... - You couldn't make it up.