LINKS: Ohio State vs Michigan, 2015

The Game

Ohio State

Tunnel Screen and Slip Block - Big part of OSU's lateral attack (along with 2-back offense). Puts stress on DBs to communicate during the play.

OSU's Tight Split Zone - Base run play of which much of their offense is based around

60Y Curl - Tight Split Zone is primary run play; 60Y Curl is a primary way they isolate receivers on DBs

Wham Play - A change-up from their tight split zone. How UM had a good chunk of run success against MSU.

OSU 2-Back Offense - They like to motion in the H to get speed to the edge. Zeke is a great lead blocker for QB sweeps as well which killed MSU in the redzone last year.

OSU Pin and Pull - Another way for OSU to get to the edge if MSU commits DEs inside. Like to run counter action with Barrett off of this look

OSU Speed Option Package - Another way for the Buckeyes to get to the edge, typically a check based on defensive numbers.

OSU Pivot Follow Concept - How OSU works to get open underneath routes on what initially looks like the mesh concept

Sail and Cob Concepts Combined - A favorite way for OSU to attack down field with the pass. Puts a lot of stress on DBs to cover for a long time and communicate across the field.

7-Ins Concept - How OSU likes to attack with their slot, particularly in the red zone

OSU also plays a Cover 4 base and has a similar blitz package, but OSU will play more MOD (though MEG is still their primary) and play their safeties deeper than MSU.

Cover 4 Coverage - MSU has been mixing up their coverage away from MEG more this season; still primarily MEG

Cover 4 Front 7 Leverage - How MSU Adjusts Front 7 to give easy keys and play fast

Cover 4 Safety Play - The rules of playing Cover 4 Safety

OSU Cover 4 Solo Adjustment - How Ohio State plays trips sets

OSU D-Line Drills - One of the best DLs in the B1G.

And as always, more links with the OSU Tab


Jim Harbaugh Primer - Going over the basics of a Jim Harbaugh coached team

Michigan Rushing Attack - Going over in detail a number of the Michigan run schemes

Threatening Width with Tight Formations - How Michigan spreads the field despite heavy sets

Weakside Flood - A look at the triangle reads often given to Rudock on one side of the field


Cover 1 Fundamentals - Michigan's Base D, though they also run Cover 3 and Man Under

Cover 1 Adjustments - How Michigan adjusts within Cover 1 to certain looks

Attacking Michigan's Defense in the Hole - Also expect a lot of jet action from OSU's 2-back offense

And there's always more at the Michigan tag

Many iterations of Power O - A look at how Power O is used out of a variety of looks

Wham! and Return of the Trap - How both teams use trap and wham blocks to their advantage

Utilizing Pulling OL and FBs to create extra gaps - More UM than MSU, but both do this quite a bit

Tunnel Screen Fundamentals - How Michigan utilizes the smoke screen in their offense and OSU the tunnel screen

Press Coverage Technique - Applies to both teams, but is from an Ash (OSU) presentation.