LINKS: Michigan State vs Michigan, 2015

A roundup of the BDS links for the Michigan/MSU game.

Michigan State
How MSU Defends Power O - MSU's 4-3 Over against UM's Base Run

Cover 4 Front 7 Leverage - How MSU Adjusts Front 7 to give easy keys and play fast

Cover 4 Coverage - MSU has been mixing up their coverage away from MEG more this season

Cover 4 Safety Play - The rules of playing Cover 4 Safety

MSU Jet Sweep Package - A big part of the MSU offense

MSU Mesh Play - A base scheme to expect against Michigan's Cover 1

MSU Switch Vertical Concept - MSU's Primary Deep Route Concept; go to it often

Three links on MSU's Blitz Package:

And there is always more at the MSU tag

Jim Harbaugh Primer - Going over the basics of a Jim Harbaugh coached team

Michigan Rushing Attack - Going over in detail a number of the Michigan run schemes

Threatening Width with Tight Formations - How Michigan spreads the field despite heavy sets

Tunnel Screen Fundamentals - How Michigan utilizes the smoke screen in their offense

Weakside Flood - A look at the triangle reads often given to Rudock on one side of the field

Cover 1 Fundamentals - Michigan's Base D, though they also run Cover 3 and Man Under

Cover 1 Adjustments - How Michigan adjusts within Cover 1 to certain looks

And there's always more at the Michigan tag

Many iterations of Power O - A look at how Power O is used out of a variety of looks

Wham! and Return of the Trap - How both teams use trap and wham blocks to their advantage

Utilizing Pulling OL and FBs to create extra gaps - More UM than MSU, but both do this quite a bit