Let's Speak Technique - DL Pass Rush Moves

In this post, we're going to look at the standard pass rush moves.

1. Bull Rush

The Bull Rush is the first move that any DL should learn. It's equally effective against the run and the pass, and sets up a DL to make a big impact in all parts of the game. Want to make a kid unstoppable? Work on his Bull Rush. It's the foundation and move that every other move is essentially countered off of because it's fast, violent, and dominating.

Also a Speed Bull Rush

2. Stab and Grab

Stab and Grab is the first counter to the Bull Rush. Again, the DL can maintain control throughout the move, so it works well as a pass rush move, but doesn't take the defender out of the play when a run happens.

3. Rip Move

Penetration kills a lot of offensive plays, both in the run and the pass. This is why the Rip Move is probably the second most important rush move for any DL to learn. It's extremely effective for getting defenders off of blocks and able to make plays in the backfield.

4. Swim Move

The Swim Move is a nice alternative to the Rip move once a blocker starts leaning. Again, it's an extremely effective way of getting penetration into the backfield, and allows the defender to maintain his eyes in the backfield. Win your shoulder behind the blockers shoulder and you can no longer be blocked.

5. Hump

The Hump move is great once the OL is set up with the moves above. It maintains a violent nature and forces blockers to work away from their desire to be more finesse in pass situations.

6. Bull Jerk 

The Jerk move helps get off any block, both in the run and the pass. In isolation, it is a bit difficult to shed blockers with; that's because it's the first thing a player would do naturally so it's the one thing the blocker has the most experience against. But when the other moves have been set up, it is devastating, quick, and violent, and allows the defender to get to whatever spot he wants in the backfield.

7. Spin Move

The Spin Move is well known, but it's last for a reason. An effective spin move is nearly impossible to defend. It gets your shoulder behind the blocker's shoulder. It gives very little surface area for the blocker to target while simultaneously having constant movement. But if it isn't well executed, if it's sloppy or slow, it turns the defender's back to the ball, gets the defender upright, and doesn't allow the defender to leverage the offensive player with strength.